A revolutionary 5-in-1 new product that protects you and your family.

  • Defend against Zika and Dengue

  • Protect against Haze and other air pollutants

  • Natural fragrance from 100% plant-based ingredients

  • Humidifies the air

  • Provides ambient lighting

Air Revitalizer H1 - High Efficiency Air Purifier, humidifier, aroma diffuser and Mosquito Repellent

For Your Home: Air Revitalizer H1

The Air Revitalizer H1 offers breakthrough science, certified mosquito eradicating results, and air filtering capabilities in an aesthetically-pleasing design. It uses DEET-Free 100% natural oils.

Available in Pure White and Jet Black

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Air Revitalizer H1 - High Efficiency Air Purifier, humidifier, aroma diffuser and Mosquito Repellent


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Knock down mozzies safely and swiftly  

The DEET-free, 100% natural, non-toxic way

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State-of-the-art Nanovent Technology  

No more liquid mess, plus longer-lasting clean air

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Purify the air

Filters out dust particles, haze, bad smells, and other pollutants

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Neutralise germs and bacteria

Reduce airborne mould, allergens, odours, bacteria and viruses

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Used by hospitals and medical centres

GoodAire’s anti-mosquito research was conducted according to the World Health Organization’s standards. The Air Revitalizer H1 can also be used in medical centres, hospitals and offices.

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Remotely control via smartphone app

Enjoy peace of mind and full control of your air quality using your smartphone!

For Camping/Outdoors: Atomizer P1

The Atomizer P1 provides complete outdoor repellent against mosquitoes. Featuring 3 different spray modes, it creates a mosquito-free zone within minutes through a fragrant mist of essential oils and water surrounding you.

Available in Salmon Red, Apple Green, Powder Blue, Baby Pink, Pure White, Jet Black