GoodAire’s 5-in-1 air purifier repels mosquitoes, filters air, diffuses aromas, and humidifies; an efficient and eco-friendly environmental solution invented in Singapore.

  • 100% knockdown of mosquitoes within 2-5 minutes

  • Filters out small smoke and dust particles

  • Remove germs and bacteria

  • Effective for enclosed room of up to 3000 sq ft

  • Natural fragrance from 100% pure essential oils

  • Essential oils are proven non-toxic (no damage to human lungs and skin) even when turned on 24 hours

How Air Revitalizer H1 Works

Our Unique 5 Steps Process

How Air Revitalizer H1 Air Filter Works - High Efficiency Air Purifier, humidifier, aroma diffuser and Mosquito Repellent


Polluted air drawn into the Air Revitalizer H1 through top inlet via centrifugal suction force generated from GoodAire’s patented impeller design.


Up to three sets of NanoVent cartridges beneath the filter assembly;
each cartridge contains nano-porous beads infused with our proprietary natural essential oil blend.


Nano-porous beads release essential oils into the water to form scrubbing solution at the bottom of the glass container.


Solution drawn upwards through the conical funnel attached to rotating impeller that
spins the essential oil solution outwards, creating water curtains around the brush bristles. This is the “scrubbing zone” where the natural essential oil solution cleanses the dirty air and filters away particulates and bacteria.


Clean air infused with the selected fragrance is released back into the room via the side air vents.

How Atomizer P1 Works

The Atomizer P1 is your complete outdoor solution for pesky mosquitoes. Light-weight and portable, the Atomizer P1 creates a mosquito-free zone within minutes as water mixed with essential oils from our patented nanovent cartridges is released as a fine and powerful mist into the air. These droplets repel and knock down mosquitoes in the vicinity, forming an invisible shield around you and your family.

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Knock Down & Repel Mosquitoes

Our proprietary blends of natural essential oils are clinically proven to render mosquitoes ineffective and knock them down. They are 100% DEET-free, non-toxic and safe for use around young children, infants, and the elderly.

GoodAire’s anti-mosquito research was conducted according to the World Health Organization’s standards. The Air Revitalizer H1 can also be used in medical centres, hospitals and offices.

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GoodAire technology - repells and kills mosquitos

Purify the Air

General Flow Mechanism for GoodAire® Air Revitalizer H1

GoodAire Air Revitalizer uses a patented airflow and water system to suck in air from the surrounds, and removes the pollutants through the process of scrubbing, effectively filtering out dust and haze particles present in the air. Clean air infused with nano-porous beads of essential oils is then released via the side airvents back into the room.

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Neutralize Germs & Bacteria

Say goodbye to common airborne mould, allergens, odours, bacteria and viruses. Using our patented airflow and water scrubbing technology, the Air Revitalizer H1 effectively scrubs and washes the air, returning only clean, pure air back to the environment.

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GoodAire air filter technology neutralize germs and bacteria

Breakthrough “No Spill” NanoVent Technology

NonoVent N3 MozDefender – Essential Lemongrass and Pelavtus Oil Mosquito Repellent Refill for GoodAire Air Revitalizer H1

Easily top up your choice of essential oils by replacing the Nanovent Cartridge in your Air Revitalizer H1. This means no more liquid mess, plus you can pick and choose scents that you enjoy for your home.

The Nanovent technology brings you long-lasting clean air filled with either natural scents or scents from our MozDefender series, to eliminate your mosquito problem for good. A single cartridge can last for about 30-60 hours. You can insert up to 3 cartridges at any one time.

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Handy Smartphone App

The GoodAire App allows you full control over your Air Revitalizer H1 so you can sit back, relax and focus on spending quality time with your family.

Select from 5 speed models, and 2 operating modes – ‘Min’ mode allows the Air Revitalizer to operate through the night silently and at low speed. ‘Max’ mode should be used during periods of extreme pollution such as haze, or during the traditional mosquito high seasons. You can also select from 7 ambient light colours to suit your preference and mood.