Do you know that there are two stages to Dengue: the first (febrile) stage and the critical stage?

Or that it is caused by four different serotypes of the virus?

A serious and debilitating illness that is often in the news, everybody knows that Dengue is transmitted by the infamous Aedes aegypti mosquito.

However, few may know that the same mosquito is also responsible for carrying the feared Zika virus or that past Dengue sufferers may still be at risk of suffering the full-blown effects of the disease.

To help you protect yourself and your loved ones from this disease, we have put together an infographic containing useful information about this disease:

  • Statistics on Dengue around the world and in Singapore
  • Symptoms and Signs of Dengue
  • Different stages of Dengue: First stage of Dengue Fever, and if complications develop, the critical signs to watch out for
  • Precautions you can take to protect yourself from Dengue

Do share this infographic freely with your loved ones if you found it useful!

Dengue is a serious and debilitating disease. Protect your family by taking note of the critical signs and symptoms in this infographic

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