GoodAire Air Revitalizer H1

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Defend against mosquito-borne diseases. Protect against haze and pollutants. Humidifier and natural fragrance diffuser.

Each set comes with 6 Lemongrass MozDefender Nanovent refills, 6 Pelavtus MozDefender Nanovent refills, and 6 Lavender Nanovent refills.


  • Nanovent cartridge with pure essential oils
  • Wifi-enabled remote control via app
  • Beautiful modern design
  • High efficiency in air purifying
  • Low noise
  • Strong and silent mosquito defence when used with MozDefender nanovent cartridge
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  • Atomizer P1 - Outdoor Mosquito Repellent, uses natural oils and water

GoodAire Air Atomizer P1


Defend against mosquitoes when you’re enjoying the outdoors. Protect against haze and pollutants.

Each set comes with 2 MozDefender water cartridges.


  • Mosquito Defence on the go
  • Suitable for camping, hiking, traveling, and cars
  • Rechargeable via micro-USB
  • Multiple refills with tap water
  • White light for night use
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Buy H1 & P1 together and get a free box of Lavender Nanovent N3 cartridges (12pcs) worth S$18

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Buy Air Revitalizer H1 Air Purifier and mosquito repellent and Atomizer P1 - Outdoor Mosquito Repellent