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NanoVent R1 MozDefender


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Our proprietary range of essential oil blends are sealed and stored in these cartridges using nanovent technology. This technology allows the essential oil fragrance to linger in the air for longer, and provides a safe and mess-free solution to clean air.

Key Features:

  • Filled with 100% natural essential oils that repels mosquitoes
  • Unique nano-technology slowly releases essential oils over a prolonged period
  • Zero Deet Content
  • Proprietary oil blend creates mosquito-free zone, proven to knock down 100% of mosquitoes in 2-5 min
  • Safe for elderly and young children, certified non-toxic
  • 12 pcs/box
  • Available in Lemongrass and Pelavtus

91 in stock

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GoodAire’s proprietary range of essential oil blends are sealed and stored in these special water cartridges with nanovent technology. They are easy to use, and are both fuss-free and mess-free. Simply turn it over, fill with water, and screw on tightly with the Atomizer P1 body.

Each water cartridge can be used for 20 refills of water, and each refill lasts about 4-5 hours, depending on usage mode. (Mosquito control capabilities are only found in the MozDefender nanovent series).

Going outdoors has never felt so safe!

Suitable for use with the Atomizer P1 only.


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