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Thank you for using Aerogaz(S) Pte Ltd App to provide products and services! Please read the following agreement carefully before registering. Your registration, login and use will be deemed to be acceptance of this Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

The User Registration Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) is operated by you (or “User”) and Aerogaz(S) Pte Ltd and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as “Aerogaz”) between the relevant products, procedures and services entered into the agreement, the terms of service for you and Aerogaz(S) Pte Ltd are legally binding. The relevant policies and regulations of the Company’s related products, procedures and services are subject to the terms of this Agreement.

User instructions

Aerogaz(S) Pte Ltd in accordance with the laws of the Singapore to provide users with related products, procedures and related services.

Aerogaz(S) Pte Ltd to provide you with communication and participation in interactive platform services.

Aerogaz(S) Pte Ltd will be in accordance with the provisions of this agreement to your registration information strictly confidential. If you believe that the service is beyond the normal service area using your personal information, please contact the administrator immediately, the company will verify the correction.

Due to the specificity of some of the relevant services, you must accept and understand the following operations:

Aerogaz(S) Pte Ltd has the right to change, interrupt, terminate some or all of the services (including fee-based services), we only change the fees We will provide you with equivalent alternative services or return your remaining costs for your use of the actual situation.

The service needs to be regularly or irregularly on the service platform or related equipment for maintenance and repair, such as the situation caused by a fee within a reasonable period of time interruption, Aerogaz(S) Pte Ltd no need to bear any responsibility for this. Aerogaz shall inform you as soon as possible.

In order to accurately provide you with quality services, please ensure that:

  • Registration information is true, accurate and detailed;
  • Registration information subject to change, please update.

Due to the expansion or deepening of the service, in this agreement may be updated from time to time, please be concerned about, you also recognize the updated agreement on your binding.

User Rights

Aerogaz to comply with national laws and regulations to protect the legitimate rights of each registered user, fair treatment of each registered user, all users are equal.

Aerogaz respect the user’s portrait rights and the contents of the release of the content, without your consent, Aerogaz will not be used for any commercial purposes.

Aerogaz respects the privacy of the user, your personal information is only partially or fully disclosed in the following circumstances:

  • By your consent, to the third person.
  • You and any third party have a rights dispute, in order to facilitate the two sides to deal with disputes and the corresponding disclosure.
  • to the third party or to the administrative and judicial authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law or the requirements of the administrative or judicial authorities.
  • If you have any violation of Singapore’s laws or website policies, you need to disclose to a third party.
  • Your personal information must be shared with third parties to provide the products or services you require.
  • Other disclosures that the Company deems appropriate under the law or related policies.

User Obligations

User name, nickname and picture of the registration and use should be consistent with the network of ethics, to comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the Singapore; user name, nickname and avatar can not contain threats, obscenity, abuse, illegal, infringing rights or may Produce the text or picture of the association.

After the success of the registration, you must protect your account and password, because of your own leakage caused by any loss by the members themselves. At the same time, the responsibility for all activities that occur through your personal account in the Company’s related products, programs and services shall be borne by you.

In principle, you can only register an account, for you maliciously beyond the number of registered accounts, Aerogaz have the right to be hold/suspend account, resulting in any data loss. Responsibility should be borne by you.

You may not pretend to others registered in the science and technology related products, nor misappropriation of other people’s account, if the act, resulting in any legal responsibility will be your own commitment.

You have to be in the company’s activities and the contents of the content of the objectivity and impartial attitude and shall not be issued with damage to the image of the city or in violation of the spirit of the activities of the content.

You may not use the company’s related products, procedures and services for crimes, endangering national security, disclosure of state secrets, violations of the legitimate rights and interests of others activities, and shall not use the company’s related products, procedures and services production, reproduction and dissemination of the following information:

  • To incite resistance, undermine the Constitution and laws, administrative regulations implemented;
  • Incitement to subvert state power and overthrow the socialist system;
  • Incitement to split the country and undermine national unity;
  • Incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;
  • Fabrication or distortion of facts, spread rumours, disturbs social order;
  • Promoting feudal superstitions, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism, abetting crime;
  • An affront others or fabricating facts to slander others, or other malicious attacks;
  • Violation of the privacy of any individual or entity, portrait rights, copyrights, trademark rights, contract rights or any other legal rights;
  • Damage the credibility of the state organs;
  • Containing the virus;
  • Containing commercials;
  • Other violations of the Constitution, the law Law or administrative regulations.

For reproduced information, please specify the reproduced and source, marked the author, respect for the author’s copyright.

Without the authorization or permission of the Company, any registered member shall not borrow any of the Company’s related products, procedures and services in the name of any business activities, nor the company’s related products, procedures and services as a place for business activities, or any other form of media; prohibit the use of the company’s related products, procedures and services for engaging in various illegal activities of the place, platform or any other form of media.

Please report to the webmaster for information about the products, procedures and services related to App.

For the contents of the prohibition of the release of the Division, once discovered, the company has the right to edit or directly delete, if any violation of the law, will be transferred to the judiciary to deal with.

Intellectual Property

Aerogaz related products, procedures and services on all the content, such as trademarks, text, pictures, logos, advertising are in the Division or its content provider of the exclusive property, you can not unauthorized unauthorized use , At the same time, these contents can not be used for any product or service that may cause consumers to confuse or disparate the services of the company.

Without the written consent of the Division I, you can not modify the contents of this site in any way, can not be copied, download the app/site content, data, information resale or commercial use.


Although the company has all the information and information have been carefully edited and reviewed, but there may still be wrong or inaccurate information. The company does not guarantee that the information contained in the information and information will be uninterrupted or error-free; the information and information will meet the specific requirements of the user; the defect will be corrected; the company’s server is free of viruses or other harmful ingredients; The information transmitted by the Company’s related products, programs and services will remain confidential. In the event of the correctness, accuracy, reliability or otherwise of the information and information, Aerogaz shall not make any warranty as to the use or use of information and information.

For the virus, system defects, people on the computer system as or not, telephone lines, hardware, software, program errors or other due to the use of our products, procedures and services caused by computer transmission or network connection error, failure Or delay caused by the damage, the company is not responsible, even if the damage is due to the user login or use the company’s related products, procedures and services. Aerogaz does not guarantee that the use of products, procedures and services is continuous, uninterrupted or safe.

Due to your custody of negligence led to account, password was illegally used by others. Aerogaz does not bear any legal responsibility.

Aerogaz does not have any responsibility for the content, privacy policy or operation of any third party website that may be included. In addition, Aerogaz can not review or edit the contents of any third party website. Aerogaz shall not be liable for any liability arising from your use of the Company’s products, programs and services connected to third party websites. We therefore want you to be aware of when you left the products, programs and services provided by the Company and read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of any other website you have visited.


The enactment, enforcement, interpretation and dispute settlement of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Singapore. The terms of this Agreement are separable and partly ineffective without affecting other parts of the Act.

If you are a registered user of Products, Services and Services, the terms of this Agreement will remain in effect for you until you cancel or be closed, but the relevant terms of the Intellectual Property will continue to be valid thereafter.

if there is any dispute, should be friendly to resolve, not a consultation, should be submitted to Aerogaz Pte Ltd. residence has jurisdiction of the Singapore’s court proceedings.